China Federation of Literary and Art Circles

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China Today Arts Week (CTAW) is an annual overseas exchange event of contemporary Chinese culture and arts sponsored by CFLAC in an all-round and non-profit way. Its main mission is as follows: to showcase from a novel perspective and in a multi-element approach the heritage of time-honored Chinese civilization as well as the integration between East and West and between tradition and modernity by bringing Chinese artists and their excellent works into overseas exhibition and performance; to demonstrate the Chinese top artists’ abundant creativity and leading role in literary and art development; to promote local people’s knowledge and comprehension of the current situation of Chinese literature and arts as well as concepts in artistic creation; to share the unique charm of Chinese civilization and the latest innovation and development in culture and arts; to enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between artists and the peoples from varied countries and nationalities. Altogether 11 disciplines of arts, namely theatre, film, fine arts, music, Chinese Quyi, dance, folk arts, photography, calligraphy, acrobatics and TV arts are involved in CTAW.

Ever since the initial occurrence in 2004, CTAW has taken place in some different country or region every year. So far the host countries and regions of CTAW are Canada(2004), Greece(2005), Australia(2006), Austria(2007), Japan(2008), Egypt(2009), Chile(2010), Sweden(2011), USA(2012), Cambodia and Thailand(2013), Monaco(2014), Czech Republic(2015), Mauritius and Reunion(2016), and India(2017).