China Federation of Literary and Art Circles

China Literary and Art Critics Association



As the 12th nationwide association in literary and art circles in China, China Literary and Art Critics Association (CLACA) is the most authoritarian critic organization in literature and arts at national level. 

Under the guidance of CFLAC and Ministry of Civil Affairs, CLACA serves as a non-governmental organization consisting of literary and art critics as well as related organizations in favor of literary and art criticism. The mission of CLACA is to unite literary and art critics together to foster talents and prosper the cause of literary and art criticism in China. 

Established on May 30, 2014, CLACA has so far 18 advisers, and 17 members of the Presidium, both of whom are mostly influential celebrities. Besides, CLACA has 235 council directors, 1363 individual members and 27 group members. 

CLACA undertakes its major tasks as follows: uniting literary and art critics into a systematic cause; training and edifying professionals in literary and art criticism; planning and organizing literary and art critical events; making coordination among members; creating brand critic events and upholding politically correct positions; popularizing achievement in literary and art criticism; promoting the structrual administration and network construction of literary and art critics as a whole; setting up mechanisms of administration, evaluation, and rewards; sponsoring academic projects and forums in a sound, rational, fair, and objective manner; introducing selected works, encouraging the new blood and enhancing appreciation of literary and art criticism; and launching international cooperation and exchanges with foreign counterparts. 

In order to carry out specific tasks of CLACA, Literary and Art Critics Center is established within the framework of CFLAC. This center consists of Head Office, Liaison Division, Research Division, Information Division and Editorial Board. The official publication is China Literary and Art Review, an academic monthly magazine. 

The fund of CLACA comes from membership, donation, governmental subsidy, and legal income arising from events, service and bank interests. 

Name List of the Award Winner of the 2nd Wood-pecker Cup Chinese Literary and Art Criticism (2017)

 (In the sequence of the Chinese character of the authors full name)

Winners for Excellent Publications (10): 

WANG Pingzhang Dignity and Power of Traditional OperasWANG Pingzhangs Theatre Critic Collection 

LI Zhenlin Historical Narration of Aesthetic Fashion of Acting in Chinese Films (1979-2015) 

YE Kangning Hobby of Elegance: Calligraphy and Painting Consumption in the Reign of Emperor Jiawan in Ming Dynasty 

JIANG Dong Drops of InsightSearch and Finding in Dance Theory 

JIANG Lasheng Research on Peasant Workers Calligraphy in the New Century 

HE Xiaoping Ideological Study of Literature and Anthropology by SHEN Congwen 

YUE Kaihua Chinese Translation of Foreign Books and Birth of Chinese Contemporary Literature 

HU Jiangfeng Sub-culture of Contemporary Chinese Youth: Symptom and Analysis 

FU Shouxiang Joyful PoetryPleasure Experience and Cultural Transformation in this Pan-Aesthetic Era 

CAI Jiayuan Reconstructing our Literary Ideal 

Winners for Excellent Essays (30): 

DING Xiaoping Story instead of HistoryHow to Avoid Todays Misinterpreting History 

YU Wenxiu On XIAO Hongs Part in Contemporary Chinese Literature History 

YU Yang Transcendence Only by ExpansionConnotation Scope and Future Opportunities of Themed Artistic Creation 

WANG Xin Study of Melody Rhythm and Vision in Chinese Ancient Intellectuals Paintings 

GU Dayong Another Portrait of ClassicsNarration of LU Xun, GUO Muoruo, MAO Dun, LAO She and CAO Yu in the Literature History by Scholars in Taiwan in the Latest 40 Years 

CONG Wenjun Initial Plot on Frame of Reference in Aesthetics of Chinese Traditional Calligraphy 

LIU Chun Detachment and ImmersionConcept Exploration of Edge Technological Creation Adopted in Dance Theatre 

LIU Yan Book of Comfort Fails to Comforton Transformation with the Example of BEI Cuns Novel 

SUN Guangqi Charm of Urban Pingtan: Appreciation of Original Pingtan Program LIN Huiyin 

SUN Guirong Style Boundary and Worries on Values of Non-fiction Writingfrom Nobel Prize won by Alexievich 

LI Yongdong Literary Formation of Foreigner-mocking Figures in the Semi-colonial Period of China 

LI Hongyan Fashion of Local Themes of Traditional Chinese Operas to be Faded 

LI Xue Personal Universe in Literary Criticson the Times Significance of LI Jianwus Literary Criticism 

YANG Siping Poetic Indication and Reflection of New Narrative Poetry 

YANG Guangzu Western Literature Means West or Literature?on Western Literature and the Possibility to Go beyond West 

YANG Yong Calligraphic Criticism: Solution Exploration in the Worries and Dilemma 

WU Weimin Nation · Family Line · HistoryStage Vision of Drama Bride of Huai River 

ZHANG Jinyao & SU Mier VR Narration: An Aesthetic Journey of Global New Dimension 

CHEN Sihe Elegant Voice at Bold StageReview of Huai Opera Half Sheet of Spring Time 

JIN Ya On Beautiful Sentiments 

ZHAO Dongchuan 2016: Reflections upon Animation in the View of Globalization 

ZHAO Jianxin Defend the Last Bridgehead of Chinese Local Operason the Role of Basic-level Art Troupe in Preserving Local Operas 

HU Xiaojun Ultimate Presentation of Wonderful Play in Chinese Traditional Operas in Current TimeCasual Thoughts on 2016 Shanghai Mini-theatre Chinese Opera Festival 

QIN Lanjun Interaction and Story: Narrative Ecology of VR 

GUO Biheng Origin and Evolution of Style Outlook in the National Arts Theory 

HUANG Huaipu & LI Rui Epic Feature of TV Play Steel after Quenching 

HUANG Bo Alert against the Tendency of Rigidity in Theatreon Artistic Creation and Theatre Aesthetics of Drama Chaotianmen 

GAI Qi Analysis of Values in the Current Variety Show in the Internet 

JIANG Shuzhuo & LI Shi  Change and Evolution of Literary and Art Criticism Perspectives since the 1990s 

FU Qiang Awareness of Tragedy Sense and Construction of Tragedy SpiritAesthetic Transcendence of the Long-volume Military Fiction at the Beginning of the 21st Century 

Name List of the Award Winner of the 1st Wood-pecker Cup Chinese Literary and Art Criticism (2016)

 (In the sequence of the Chinese character of the authors full name)

Winners for Excellent Publications (9): 

WANG Yan Image and ResemblanceContrast between China and the West and Contemporary Structure in Art Expression Pattern 

BAI Rui Analysis of Contemporary Calligraphy Phenomena 

ZHU Donglin, ZHOU Liang & ZHANG Chengguo 

A Common History of Arts in Suzhou 

LIU Qilin Aesthetic Evolution and Narrative Scope of Revolutionary Memory 

SU Ya Academic Summary of Chinese Classical Dance 

LI Yangzhi Storytelling and Localitya Reading Approach of Chinese Contemporary Literature 

SHAO Yanjun Literary Rendition in an Internet Era 

ZHOU Wenping Chinese Image in American Films and Related Research on its Influence 

XIE Youshun Mental Concern in Novels 

Winners for Excellent Essays (32): 

BAI Ye New Evolution and Formality of Literature 

BAI Hao LU Yaos Experience Type of Realism and People-orientation 

ZHU Peier Burden and ChoiceObservation and Reflection from Jury Undertaking of the 11th National Calligraphy and Seal Cut Works Exhibition 

LI Gangtian Free-hand Spirit and Mocking Style of Free-hand 

LI Changju Tendency and Shortage Judgment from the 5th National Youth Fine Arts Exhibition 

LI Yuchun Legend and the Style Evolutions Trend of Chinese Contemporary Fiction 

WU Peng Leisurely Enjoyment: Calligraphic Elegance of Scholars in Late Ming Dynasty 

ZHANG Shiying Living Arts, Artistic Living 

ZHANG Fan Reconstruction of Chinese Literary Theory: Environment and Resources 

ZHANG Boyu On Significance of Music Study on the Silk Road 

ZHANG Tingting Discussion on Intellectual Value of Arts 

CHEN Xuguang On Modern Transformation of Traditional Chinese Cultural Resources in Chinese Films 

CHEN Guofeng Prodigys Intuition and Cruel FableNew Interpretation of the Drama Thunderstorm 

LUO Li Exploring Source of Structure of Contemporary Chinese Local Operas Theory from Facial Expression 

JIN Xiaoming Retrospect and Reflection over the Researches on Chinese Painting at Song Dynasty since the 20th Century 

ZHOU Zhixiong Web Narration and Cultural Construction 

ZHENG Rongjian Focus on Fishes or Fishing”—on Conservatism on Inheritance of Chinese Traditional Operas 

ZHENG Huanzhao Misunderstanding and According Breakthrough of Values and Statement in Domestic Cartoon of China 

MENG Qingxing Mental Analysis of Cognition and Formation System in Calligraphy Image 

HU Wei Return to Theatre ItselfEnlightenment from Overseas Passion for Staging Dramas in China 

LOU Wenli Inheritance, Integration and InnovationWANG Zujie and ZHANG Zhuoyas Creation of National Opera 

YIN Shuangxi Beauty Shown by Heaven: Reflections on Sketches for Inspiration and Free-hand Style 

GAO Wei Acrobatic Creation and Modern Transformation of Chinese Plots 

GUO Qihong Wonder of History, Reality of TimesSecond Thought on Historical Play 

HUANG Mingfen Technology Magic and Arts in the Mobile Internet Era 

GONG Qian Amazing and Inspiring PlayText Analysis of Narrative of the Dance Drama 13 Girls in Nanjing 

JIANG Huiming The Only Remaining Masterpiece is Still Reminding Bell at Jiange in the Next Century? 

CHENG Dali Solitude in DifferenceSpiritual Realm of Traditional Chinese Paintings 

CHU Xiaoqing Influences of Technological Advancement on Concept of Artistic Creation and Aesthetic Values 

CAI Xianliang Natural Mystery and Four Does and Donts in Fu Shans Calligraphy 

XUE Yongnian Sketches for Inspiration and New Tradition 

DAI Qing Times Demand and Dilemma in RealityAnalysis of the Reverse Balance of Popularity and Viewing Rate 


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