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China Quyi Artists Association (CQAA) was founded in July 1949 as Preparatory Committee for China Quyi Reform Association and subsequently China Quyi Research Institute and China Quyi Workers Association. In November 1979, CQAA became its official title.

As a group member of CFLAC, CQAA is a non-governmental organization of professional Quyi artists from all ethnic groups of China. CQAA serves for consolidation, guidance, communication, coordination, service and management, self-discipline and rights protection among Quyi artists, and adheres to the principle of artistic service for the people. 

CQAA practices group membership and individual membership simultaneously. Now there are 36 group members and over 6000 individual members at the state level. Mr. Jiang Kun, the grand master of Xiangsheng (Crosstalk), is now President of CQAA, and 11 vice presidents of CQAA are artists of different types of Chinese Quyi as well. 
In the past nearly 70 years, CQAA has actively organized a large variety of significant events, including Quyi art shows, workshops, art training, overseas art exchanges such as China Quyi Art Festival, Global Showcase of China Quyi Arts, International Humor Arts Week, China Quyi Festival in Paris, and China Quyi Arts Week in Germany. 

The Chinese Quyi Peony Award, a national prize sponsored by CQAA takes place every two years for those Quyi artists who have made progress, breakthrough and great contribution in Quyi arts. The Quyi Magazine sponsored by CQAA is the only national magazine in China on Quyi art. Ever since its founding, CQAA has contributed a lot to the development of Quyi art creation, fostering potential Quyi talents, and promoting exchanges with foreign counterparts. 

Name List of the 9th China Quyi Peony Awards (2016)

 Quyi Program Awards (5)

Suzhou Tanci Hand in Hand 

Shandong Clapper Act Only Examination to Blame 

Hangzhou Tanhuang Beautiful Vest in Red 

Sichuan Panzi Clean Heart like Lotus 

Suzhou Pingtan Master XU Beihong 


Acting Awards (6) 

MA Wei  

GUO Yulin   

WU Wen   

LIU Yinhong   

CHEN Chunlan   

CHEN Meisheng 


Literature Awards (4) 

Rhythmic storytelling to clapper accompaniment The 3rd Party by SUN Mingze & ZHOU Yufeng 

Jin Song Feelings of Elegant Streams by HUANG Xiubao & WANG Wensheng 

Sichuan Qingyin Blooming Lotus by QIN Yuan 

Comedian Act A Bowl of Noodle of Longevity by ZHOU Wei & WANG Tiejun 


Young Talent Awards (5) 

SHI Yafeng (Age: 26)

LI Guojing (Age: 29) 

WANG Sheng (Age: 34)

CHENG Luzhang (Age:34) 

CHEN Xiangping (Age: 34) 

Name List of the 8th China Quyi Peony Awards (2014)

 Quyi Program Awards (9)

One-person show Where is my Dad? 

Hangzhou Tanhuang Beautiful Pair of Eyes 

Suzhou Tanci The Sewing God 

Comedian Act Community Policeman YU Sankuai 

Datong rhythmic storytelling Are you Happy? 

Comedian Act Gifts 

Group Crosstalk Ode to Yushu 

Crosstalk Dialects in North and South 

Joint Dagu Singing Time-honored Drum Arts 


Special Program Awards (3) 

Nanchang Qingyin Red Wintersweet Against Snow 

Suzhou Tanci The 1st Swallow in South China 

Shanghai Storytelling and Singing Lofty Ambition 


Acting Awards (11) 

YANG Xueli

XIA Jiping

WU Xinbo

YUAN Xiaoliang 

GAO Bowen

SHANG Daqing


BAI Junxuan 


DING Dang (ZHANG Xudong)

CHEN Zhongda (Xiao Bao) 

Special Acting Award 

LIU Liangliang 


Creation Awards (7) 

Comedian Act Heartfelt Wish by WANG Xin 

Suzhou Tanci Specialty Dish by JIN Zenghao & LU Jianhua 

Where is My House? By FENG Yang, LIU Xiyu & LIU Junjie 

Comedian Act A Safe Journey by YIN Qi 

Crosstalk I Love Shanxi Province by MA Xiaoping, LI Yansheng & GONG Rui 

Changzi Gushu Coldest Month by BAO Yuxi 

3-String Singing of Hani Nationality White Bird Girl by LA Guoqing 


Young Talent Awards (8) 

TANG Yuman (Age: 32)

DONG Qifeng (Age: 33) 

SHI Jinyu (Age: 31)

ZHUANG Lifen (Age: 33) 

KANG Kang (Age: 33)

MIAO Fu (Age: 32) 

ZHANG Nan (Age: 31)

ZHAO Zilin (Age: 26) 


Special Young Talent Award 

CUI Liling (Age: 31) 


Quyi Theory Awards (4) 

An Introduction to Shandong Quyi Music by GUO Xuedong 

In and Out of Urban Walls: Quyi in Metropolitan Process and Style by YUE Yongyi 

Inheritance and Development of Crosstalk in Shaanxi by WANG Yin 

Aesthetics of Quick Wits and Crosstalk Art by Kang Er 


Lifetime Achievement Awards (7) 

CHANG Guitian (crosstalk)

YANG Zhenhua (crosstalk) 

LIAN Liru (storytelling)

YU Hongxian (Suzhou Pingtan) 

ZHANG Lingyi (Quyi theory)

ZHAO Lianjia (Quyi creation and acting) 

LI Hongmin (Shandong rhythmic storytelling to clapper accompaniment) 

Name List of the 7th China Quyi Peony Awards (2012)

Quyi Program Award (5) 

Yangzhou Tanci Celebrated Singer in Prime Time 

Comedian Act Red Treasure 

Sichuan Yangqin Sentiments 

Comedian Act Imperial Envoy Offers Birthday Facilitation 

Comedian Act Shasha, I Love You 


Special Quyi Program Awards (2) 

Comedian Act Village Official LI Renyi 

Pipa Singing Nine Days and Nights 


Acting Awards (12) 

LI Lianwei

JI Jingjuan

FANG Jianlin

YANG Luping 

GU Zhujun

LI Baiyan

PAN Jiafu

XUE Weiping 

REN Ping

LIU Ying

WANG Shaozhou (WANG Dahai) 

JIA Yuling (JIA Ling) 


Literature Awards (7) 

Changzhou Pinghua Baitai Official at Changzhou, narrated by ZHOU Yufeng and arranged by ZHANG Jianwei 

Xihe Dagu Return Medal by CHEN Xiaoping 

Dadiaoquzi Kids Left at Home by JIAO Suidong & JIAO Yun 

Pair of Danxian Singing Blood Banquet by YANG Zichun & SHI Lin 

Group Rhymic Storytelling Good Mens Stories by WANG Lihai 

Nanyang Guerheng Director ZHU Drove off Pigs by WEN Hua & LAN Jiantang 


Special Literature Awards (2) 

Suzhou Tanci Story of CHEN Yun by FAN Linyuan 

Rhythmic Storytelling Magic and Brave General ZHAO Shangzhi by LI Guowen 


Young Talent Awards (8) 

LI Xiang (Age: 29)

CAO Jin (CAO Yunjin, Age: 26) 

LI Ran (Age: 30)

GAO Junyan (Gao Xiaopan, Age: 27) 

WANG Dandan (Age: 31)

LI Xiang (Age: 28) 

TAO Yingyun (Age: 31)

DOU Le (WANG Lei, Age: 28) 


Quyi Theory Awards (5) 

Guideline of Quyi Music Composition by YU Linqing 

A Brief History of Quyi in Ningxia by ZHANG Shuang 

Classic Thunderstorm: From Drama to Suzhou Pingtan by ZHU Donglin 

Basics of Chinese Quyi Arts by SUN Lisheng 

World in Chaos, Time in SerenityEvolution and Inheritance of Henan Zhui Art by LI Guangyu & ZHANG Lingyi 


Lifetime Achievement Awards (6) 

MA Zenghui

TIAN Lianyuan

SHAN Tianfang 

WU Zongxi

JIN Shengbo

CHANG Baoting 


  • JIANG Kun
    DONG Yaopeng
    FENG Gong
    SHENG Xiaoyun