China Federation of Literary and Art Circles

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Thanks to common suggestion by Chinese artists from Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Chinese Art Forum of Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan (CAFMHMT) has come into being with CFLAC as its constant sponsor. As a platform established for literary and art exchanges among academic circles of the four localities of China, CAFMHMT has its objectives as follows: to make study of historical evolution principle of Chinese culture, to explore the development strategy of Chinese culture in the current trend of economic globalization and cultural diversity, to expand and strengthen cultural exchanges between the peoples from the four localities, to enhance exchange and cooperation between cultural and art organizations and individual artists, to prosper Chinese cultural cause as a whole, to preserve and give full play to those excellent traditions of Chinese culture so as to reinforce the competence and influence of Chinese culture in the process of global cultural development. 

Ever since 2009, CAFMHMT has witnessed a consecutive success in the 9 sessions in Hainan Province (2009), Chengde (2013), Harbin(2017), Taiwan (2010,2014), Macao (2011,2015) and Hong Kong (2012,2016), and therefore become a key platform for academic exchanges between the artists from the four localities.

With its focus on academic discussion, CAFMHMT mostly involves influential experts, scholars, critics and managers who have long been engaged in cultural and art undertakings as its attendees and so far over 600 experts and distinguished guests have been present.

CAFMHMT is blessed with such abundant contents that varied parts, namely opening and closing ceremonies, keynote speech, parallel workshop, group discussion, roundtable talk, art lecture, thesis presentation and inspiration seeking through local visit, are included in its itinerary. During the course of CAFMHMT, a series of exhibition of fine arts or photography, folkloric presentation as well as performance of Peking opera, Kunqu opera and song and dance will take place as accessory events.