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Founded in 1949, China Musicians Association (CMA) is a non-governmental organization of professional musicians from all ethnic groups all over China under the guidance of CPC. Serving as the bridge and bond between CPC and government as well as music circle, CMA is considered to be a key element in prospering Socialist literary and art cause and building up a Socialist cultural power. CMA is a group member of CFLAC.

CMA implements the literary and art guideline policies by CPC and adheres to the people’s orientation in work and creation. While catering for the people at all levels, CMA strides with the tide in conducting innovative reforms and making functions in consolidation, guidance, communication, coordination, service and management, self-discipline and rights protection among musicians. By organizing training, inspiration seeking deep into life, awards and critics, showcase of creation, theoretic exchange, publication, art voluntary service, lawful rights protection and exchange with foreign counterparts, CMA is devoted to the prosperity of Chinese musical cause as a sweet and cozy home for all Chinese musicians. 

CMA currently practices group membership and individual membership simultaneously. Currently CMA consists of 36 group members, namely musicians associations in the 22 provinces, 5 autonomous regions and 4 municipalities, Musicians Association of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, China Petroleum Musicians Association, Sinopec Musicians Association, China Musicians Association for Coal Industry, and Musicians Association under Police Literature and Arts Association of China. Besides, CMA is blessed with over 15000 individual members at the state level. The supreme authority of CMA is the National Congress that elects into its board council. The president and several vice presidents are elected into the Presidium that appoints one secretary-general and several deputy secretaries-general. The National Congress of CMA is convened every five years and during its recess the board council implements the approved resolutions by National Congress. During the recess of the board council, the Presidium takes charge of resolutions by National Congress as well as the board council and executive vice president is in charge of daily work of CMA. The headquarters of CMA is located in Beijing. 

Under the umbrella of CMA, there are 9 professional committees and 58 professional societies. CMA consists of 6 administrative departments and CFLAC Music Art Center. 

Name List of Winners of the 11th China Golden Bell Music Awards (2017)

Piano (5) 

CHEN Xuehong recommended by Central Conservatory of Music (CCM) 

HAO Yilei recommended by CCM 

CHEN Xiaoyu  recommended by Piano Society of CMA 

LI Bowen  recommended by China Conservatory (CC) 

XIE Ziwei recommended by CCM 


Chinese Zither (5) 

CHENG Haoru  recommended by CCM 

YAO Yixin recommended by CC 

YANG Yutong  recommended by CCM 

ZHAO Mojia recommended by Shanghai Conservatory of Music (SHCM) 

DENG Yiqun  recommended by SHCM 


Vocality (Bel Canto, 5) 

WANG Zenan recommended by Tianjin Musicians Association (TMA) 

ZHANG Wenqin  recommended by Xinghai Conservatory of Music (XCM) 

QIN Kanru recommended by CCM 

CHEN Dashuai  recommended by SHCM 

WANG Chuanliang  recommended by XCM 


Vocality (Nazionale Cantanti, 5) 

YU Haiyang  recommended by Publicity Bureau of Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission (PBPWDCMC) 

HAO Liangliang  recommended by Shaanxi Musicians Association 

ZENG Yong  recommended by Hunan Musicians Association 

KONG Qingxue recommended by Beijing Musicians Association (BMA) 

GUO Fangfang recommended by PBPWDCMC 

Name List of Winners of the 10th China Golden Bell Music Awards (2015)


Golden Award:     

CHEN Jiayi  recommended by SHCM 

Silver Award:       

LIU Ming  recommended by SHCM 

Bronze Award:     

WANG Wendi  recommended by CCM 



Golden Award:     

XU Xiaonan recommended by CCM 

Silver Award:       

CAO Ye   recommended by Shenyang Conservatory of Music (SYCM) 

Bronze Award:     

JIANG Bolong  recommended by Performing Arts Committee of CMA 


Vocality (Bel Canto, 4) 

Golden Award:     

ZHANG Xueliang recommended by Guandong Musicians Association 

Silver Award:       

WANG Zenan recommended by TMA 

Bronze Award:     

MA Fei recommended by BMA 

WANG Yifeng  recommended by China Opera and Dance Drama Theatre 


Vocality (Nazionale Cantanti, 4) 

Golden Award:     

GONG Shuang  recommended by Hubei Musicians Association 

Silver Award:       

CHEN Jiaopo recommended by SHCM 

Bronze Award:     

HAO Liangliang recommended by Art Troupe of All-China Federation of Trade Union 

XU Jingjing recommended by BMA 


Erhu (Chinese Traditional String Instrument) 

Golden Award:     

LU Yiwen recommended by Chinese National Music Committee of CMA 

Silver Award:       

GAO Bai  recommended by CCM 

Bronze Award:     

HUANG Xiaoqing recommended by CC 


Chinese Percussion Instrument 

Golden Award:     

ZHANG Biyun recommended by SHCM 

Silver Award:       

YANG Bingbing recommended by Hebei Musicians Association 

Bronze Award:     

GAO Yizhen  recommended by Tianjin Conservatory of Music 


Excellent Composition of Instrumental Music (10) 

Scroll of Sichuan Silk  

by YANG Xiaozhong  recommended by Sichuan Conservatory of Music 

Wind Penetrating Pine  

by XU Jianqiang recommended by SHCM 

Dart, Armor and Dagger-axe    

by CHEN Danbu  recommended by CCM 

No.1 Erhu Concerto       

by RAO Pengcheng  recommended by CCM 

Grass of Nirvana           

by JIANG Chenxi  recommended by CCM 

Fun of Strings                     

by WANG Qiu  recommended by Hubei Musicians Association 

Sound of Heart No.2     

by HAN Wenhe recommended by SHCM 

Encounter of Passion and Detachment    

by LI Bochan  recommended by CCM 

Thoughts in Cloud        

by ZHANG Xin   recommended by SHCM 

Feelings for Chinese Land 

by ZHOU Zhan recommended by Zhejiang Musicians Association 


Excellent Composition of Instrumental Music (10) 

White Hair in Blossom  

Lyrics by WANG Huimin and Composed by LI Xumin  recommended by Guangdong Musicians Association 

Colorful Clouds in Blue Sky    

Lyrics by LUO Zhangbin & LI Shuqiong, Composed by WU Yulin & YE Yuan recommended by Yunnan Musicians Association 

Everlasting Nostalgia         

Lyrics by Guo Wulaqie Composed by CHEN Chuan recommended by Sichuan Musicians Association 

I’m a Flake of Snow     

Lyrics by LU Wei & HAN Yongbin    Composed by HAN Yongbin       recommended by Hebei Musicians Association 

Let’s Travel to Ningxia  

Lyrics by XI Mingchaolu  Composed by HE Muyang recommended by Ningxia Musicians Association 

My Father’s Grassland  

Lyrics by LIU Liping   Composed by CUI Zhenhe recommended by Heilongjiang Musicians Association 


Lyrics by LIANG Mang   Composed by ZENG Cheng recommended by Sichuan Musicians Association 

Dream Chaser          

Lyrics by LIU Yuchen  Composed by ZHANG Bo recommended by SHCM 

Family Photo with My Parents 

Lyrics by SONG Qingsong    Composed by XIU Jun & SUN Jingjing   recommended by Chinese Workers’ Association for Culture and Sport 

My Rural Life          

Lyrics by WANG Shusheng  Composed by YE Linhua recommended by Xinjiang Musicians Association 


Musician’s Honor of Lifetime Achievement (2) 

Mr. FU Gengchen                 

Mrs. GU Jianfen 

Name List of Winners of the 9th China Golden Bell Music Awards (2013)

Piano and String Music Ensemble (6) 

Golden Award:

Prism Band (ZHANG Runyin, GENG Wenbin & ZHU Wanchen) recommended by SHCM 

Silver Award:       

Ohrid Band (MU Jizhe, HUANG Da & FENG Mufei) recommended by Cello Society of CMA      

Rococo Band (TAO Le, ZHANG Lu & CAI Jingjing) recommended by Shanghai Musicians Association (SMA) 

Bronze Award:     

Qiji Band (HAO Nan, HE Chang & ZHAO Liqian) recommended by CCM 

Gloria Trio Band (FAN Zaozao, XIE Haoming & JIANG Xiaoxi) recommended by CCM 

Rhythm Band (XU Man, XIAO Hangchen, ZHANG Gonghe & FAN Xiang) recommended by CCM 


Vocality (Bel Canto, 6) 

Golden Award:     

WANG Chuanyue  recommended by CCM 

Silver Award:       

LIU Ying recommended by Guangdong Musicians Association (GMA) 

WANG Zenan recommended by TMA 

Bronze Award:     

ZHANG Xueliang recommended by GMA 

TIAN Yuan recommended by SMA 

ZHAO Ming recommended by China Railway Art Troupe (CRAT) 


Vocality (Nazionale Cantanti, 6) 

Golden Award:     

HUANG Xunguo  recommended by CRAT 

Silver Award:       

GONG Shuang  recommended by Hubei Musicians Association (HMA) 

LV Hongwei recommended by Art Troupe of Armed Police 

Bronze Award:     

ZHANG Xin  recommended by Art Bureau of Publicity Department of Political Department of Central Military Committee 

LI Chao recommended by Liaoning Musicians Association 

CHEN Yanni recommended by Anhui Musicians Association 


Piano (6) 

Golden Award:     

LU Yao recommended by CCM 

Silver Award:       

LI Jinhong recommended by SYCM 

YIN Cunmo recommended by Fujian Musicians Association 

Bronze Award:     

GU Jingdan recommended by Sichuan Conservatory of Music 

WU Junlin recommended by XCM 

YE Zihao recommended by SHCM 


Chinese Zither (6) 

Golden Award:     

LIU Ying recommended by CM 

Silver Award:       

CHENG Haoru recommended by CCM 

GAO Yang recommended by CCM 

Bronze Award:     

CUI Shan recommended by CCM 

REN Zhouyang recommended by Musicians Association of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (MAXUAR) 

XIA Jing recommended by CM 


Erhu (Chinese Traditional String Instrument, 6) 

Golden Award:     

YAN Guowei recommended by CCM 

Silver Award:       

LU Yiwen recommended by SHCM 

HUANG Xiaoqing recommended by CM 

Bronze Award:     

ZHANG Jingyi  recommended by Beijing Musicians Assocaition 

LIU Yu  recommended by CM 

WANG Yaqi recommended by CM 


Performance Award for Chinese Composition 

LI Jinhong recommended by SYCM 


Band of Chinese National Music (7) 

Golden Award:     

Jiangsu Jasmine Band recommended by Jiangsu Musicians Association 

(Band Members: LI Nixia, LIU Qiang, PAN Ting, HU Xiwen, TONG Ying, LIU Xiangyun, REN Jie, GU Huaiyan, CAI Chao, HE Fangfang, LI Aobo & ZHU Jiewen)   

Holy Wind Band recommended by CCM 

(Band Members: SHANG Zujian, WANG Meng, WANG Yiqun, NIU Xiangyi, LI Qing, GUAN Bing, OUYANG Jiaying, SU Xiaoting, ZHAO Wenru, GUO Mengjia, YU Qia & QIU Yiming) 

Silver Award:       

SHCM Shankai Band recommended by SHCM 

(Band Members: WANG Jie, ZHANG Biyun, YING Jiajia, JIA Zhenzhen, PAN Jingjing, LAI Wenjin, TAN Yadan, WANG Yiwen, ZHANG Sheng, FU Tianyabo, WEI Sijun & HUA Yifei) 

Jinpan Chuida Band recommended by CCM 

(Band Members: ZHAO Zhiyong, WANG Xiangyang, LIU Andong, ZHANG Jianfeng, WANG Haotong, XU Yan, FENG Tianshi, HUANG Kai, LIU Yiheng, MA Wen, BIAN Jiaqing & WU Hao) 

Bronze Award:     

SYCM Music Box Band  recommended by SYCM 

(Band Members: ZHANG Kewei, XU He, GUO Wei, LIN Xiaolin, XIONG Mantian, WANG Lin, LIU Li & QU Shuai) 

Nawa Band recommended by MAXUAR 

(Band Members: Patiman Tayir, Hanike Huxidili, Mirixiatijiang Maimaitiyiming, Dilimulati Maimaiti, Kurbanjiang Mimanjiang, Mutalifu Maimaiti, Musitafa Abudukelimu Mairemunishakezi Abulaiti, Maimaiti Aili Abudukelimu, Miyasair Nurmaimaiti & Maihemuti Aili) 


New Compostion Performance Award:   

Jinpan Chuida Band 


Best Band Singing Program Awards (5) 

City of Life               

Lyrics by SONG Xiaoming, Composed by WANG Bei and recommended by Creation Committee of CMA 

Collard Finchbill          

Lyrics and Composed by HU Jingying and recommended by CCM 


Lyrics by PAN Yue & XIAO Da, Composed by CUI Zhenhe & ZHAO Jianhua and recommended by GMA 

Water Lily                      

Lyrics by TIAN Shuyan, Composed by PING Yuan and recommended by Art Troupe of Political Department of Navy 

Sparrow on Winnowing Fan   

Lyrics by CHEN Chuliang, Composed by ZHANG Shimin and recommended by Hunan Musicians Association 


Best Performance Program Awards (5) 

Ode to Virtue of Water   

Composed by GONG Huahua and recommended by Wuhan Conservatory of Music 

Storytelling Drum—Composed for Instrumentalists of Pipa and Two Percussions

Composed by QIN Yi and recommended by SHCM 

Joking in Nanyin    

Composed by HU Jingying and recommended by CCM 

Alili (nonet of Chinese National Music)

composed by WANG Jianmin and recommended by Shanghai Musicians Association 


Thesis Awards for Theoretic Research (10) 

Golden Awards (3) 

Chopin in Tragic Passion—Connotation Elaboration in Chopin’s Music

by YU Runyang recommended from CCM (Western Music Historical Study) 

Collection of Minority Nationalities’ Music Culture in Guizhou

by ZHANG Zhongxiao, HU Jiaxun, GAO Yingzhi, ZHANG Renzhuo, LI Jichang, WANG Chengzu & YANG Fanggang recommended from Guizhou Musicians Association (Chinese National Music Study) 

Mental Analysis Process of Perceptual Wisdom—Formality Theory in Western Music Thinking

by LI Xiaodong recommended by CCM (Aesthetics in Music) 

Silver Awards (3) 

Narrative of the Program Echo of Shanghai

by LUO Qin recommended by SHCM (Chinese National Music Study) 

Evolution History of Harmony Art

by WU Shikai recommended from CCM (Western Music Historical Study) 

Performance, Text, Context and Inheritance—Study of Oral Instruction in Mongolian Music

by Boteletu recommended by Musicians Association of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region 

Bronze Awards (4) 

Introduction to Chinese Music Criticism in the 20th Century

by MING Yan recommended from TCM (Aesthetics in Music) 

Study of the 28-pitch Theory System in Tang Dynasty

by ZHAO Weimin recommended from CM (Chinese Music Historical Study) 

Pragmatic Bookishness Study in Music Circle

by JU Qihong from Jiangsu Musicians Association (Chinese Music Historical Study) 

Classical Music—Times of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven

by Philip Downs, translated by SUN Guozhong, SHEN Xuan, WU Weixi & SUN Hongjie, proofread by YANG Yandi, SUN Guozhong & SUN Hongjie recommended from SHCM (Western Music Historical Study) 


Musician’s Honor of Lifetime Achievement (6) 

Mr. HU Songhua             

Mr. YU Runyang                  

Mr. FENG Wenci 

Mr. HE Zhanhao             

Mr. LI Chongguang              

Mr. TAN Bingruo 


  • YE Xiaogang
    HAN Xinan
    PENG Liyuan