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Founded in May 1985, China TV Artists Association (CTAA) is a non-governmental organization of professional TV artists and workers from all sub-disciplines of TV art approved by state government. CTAA is a group member of CFLAC as well. CTAA currently practices group membership and individual membership simultaneously. By 2017, CMA consists of 36 group members, namely TV artists associations in the 22 provinces, 5 autonomous regions and 4 municipalities, as well as 5 professional units such as China Central Television (CCTV) and Xinhua News Agency. Besides, CTAA is blessed with over 6500 individual members at the state level.

The mission of CTAA is to unite and serve TV artists and workers, organize and provide guidelines for their artistic creation so as to enhance quality of TV art and prosper TV art cause in China as a sweet and cozy home for all Chinese TV artists. The main functions of CTAA are to draft professional standard of TV art; to organize exchange on TV artistic creation, theoretic symposium, art criticism, award and promotion, probe and inspiration seeking in life and art voluntary service; to sponsor events, exhibitions, performance in accordance with TV art; to foster talents and safeguard legal rights and interests of TV art; to strengthen communication and cooperation between Chinese TV artists and foreign counterparts and to promote Chinese TV art in the global arena by cultural exchanges. 

The key events sponsored by CTAA are China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival, Chinese TV Art Festival for University Students, New Rural Area TV Art Festival, TV Studio of Public Interest for Youngsters and Teenagers, Election of Excellent Chinese TV Actors/Actresses, Asian Micro-film Art Festival, China-Japan-Korea TV Producers’ Forum and Across-Straits TV Art Festival. The main periodical in charge of CTAA is Contemporary TV. 

The National Congress of CTAA is convened every five years, which elects into its board council, and then the Presidium. The Presidium involves one president, 14 vice presidents and the executive vice president is in charge of daily work of CTAA. The headquarters of CTAA is located in Beijing, and its official website is: www. 

Name List of Winners of the 28th China TV Golden Eagle Awards (2016)

 Excellent TV Drama Awards (11)

Ten Stories of Red Army 

Rural Experience of MA Xiangyang Ordinary World 

All Quiet in Peking Swirling Girl 

Legend of Empress MI Yue Hey, Old Man 

DENG Xiaoping in Historical Turn Land Force No.1 

WANG Dahuas Revolutionary Life Cracking Maze 


Audiences Favorite Actor Award 

WANG Lei in Ordinary World 

HU Ge in Nirvana in Fire 


Audiences Favorite Actress Award  

TONG Liya in Ordinary World 

ZHAO Liying in The Journey of Flower 


Best Director Award 

ZHENG Xiaolong in Legend of Empress MI Yue 


Best Screenplay Award 

WEN Haojie in Ordinary World 


Best Photography Award 

YU Fei, WANG He & YANG Haipeng in Red Sorghum  


Best Fine Arts Award 

LIU Yongqi In all Silence 


Best Lighting Award 

SUN Hongliang in All Quiet in Peking 


Best Acting Award 

LI Xuejian in Hey Old Man & Young Marshall 


Most Popularity Award 

HU Ge in Nirvana in Fire 

LIU Tao in Legend of Empress MI Yue 

Name List of Winners of the 27th China TV Golden Eagle Awards (2014)

 Best TV Drama Awards (2)

Cadre JIAO Yulu

Exploring Roads 


Excellent TV Drama Awards (19) 

Qin EmpireAlliance MAO Zedong

My Parents Love 

My Home at Foot of Changbai Mountain

NIE Rongzhen 

Legend of Dance Melody

Mother, Mother

Dog Stick 


Marching out of Sichuan

To Elderly with Love 

Our Days in France

IP Man

My Land, my Home 

Case of Zhaos Orphan


The Patriot YUE Fei 

A Policemans Story in Yingpan Township

National Destiny 


Audiences Favorite Actor Awards (4) 

WANG Luoyong in Cadre JIAO Yulu 

ZHANG Jiayi in A Policemans Story in Yingpan Township 

LIN Yongjian in NIE Rongzhen 

CHEN Yiheng in My Home at Foot of Changbai Mountain 


Audiences Favorite Actress Awards (4) 

LIU Tao in To Elderly with Love 


HOU Mengyao in Legend of Amazon Mulan 

WANG Weiwei in Surgery and Heart 


Best Director Awards (2) 

ZHAO Baogang in To Elderly with Love 

LIU Jiang in Lets Get Married 


Best Screenplay Award 

LI Ting in My Home at Foot of Changbai Mountain 


Best Photography Award 

ZHAO Chaoying in Qin EmpireAlliance 


Best Fine Arts Award 

LIU Yongqi in Case of Zhaos Orphan 


Best TV Show 

The Best Brains 


Excellent TV Programs (7) 

2013 Presentation of Glories Series 

2013 CCTV Spring Gala Evening 

Chinese Character Dictation Competition 

Heroes of Chinese Character 

Where are we Going, Dad? 

Love of ChinaAward Evening of the 3rd Childrens Bilingual Oral Competition of Autonomous Regions 

Shanghai 4D Lighting Show at Bund of New Years Countdown of 2014 


Best MC of TV Program Awards (2) 

ZHU Xun (from CCTV) 

Qimiwengmu (from Sichuan Kangba TV station, mandarin and Tibetan) 


Excellent MC of TV Program Awards (6) 

Nigemaiti (from CCTV) 

LUO Xu (from BTV)  

REN Luyu (from CCTV)\ 

WEI Chenxia (from CCTV) 

CHAI Lu (from CCTV) 

YI Yi (from Zhejiang TV station) 


Best TV Documentary Award 

Distress and Splendor 


Excellent TV Documentary Awards (14) 

XI Zhongxun

Cotton Collection in Xinjiang of Thousand Miles 

Grand Yellow Mountain

LU Xun Academy of Arts 

Unforgettable Victory

Heavenly Residence

Beijing Mosquito 

Chinese Quyi at Jinan

Uncle Wushours Ice

Youth in 1930 


Legend of MAO Zedongs Poetry  

TeaStory of a Leaf

Eight Centuries of Chu Kingdom 


Best TV Advertisement of Public Interest Award 

Chopsticks Section 


Excellent TV Advertisement of Public Interest Awards (3) 

Shadow Play Section of Chinese Traditional Festive Folklore 

Caring for the Elderly with Alzheimer Disease 

Mobile Phone Section of Caring for Family Members 


Best TV Animation Award 

New Edition of Big-headed Son and Small-headed Father 


Excellent TV Animation Awards (3) 

Three Hundred Questions of Laozis Taoist Scripture 

Chinese National Hero ZHENG Chenggong 

Season Two of Legends of Huainanzi 

Name List of Winners of the 26th China TV Golden Eagle Awards (2012)

Best TV Drama Award 

China in 1921 


Excellent TV Drama Awards (20) 

Beauty of Innocence       

Chinese Land      

Revolutionary Youth 

Hero in Desert—Legend of Shaolin Temple      


Northern Men     

Women at Ancient Village     

Revolution 1911 

My Name is WANG Tudi            

Eternal Unit Designation 

Flying Eagle Away         

Lucky Happiness  Lady in She Fragrance 


Abandoned Chess     

Empresses in the Palace 

Snow Leopard          

Before Dawn       

Two Intelligent Agents’ War 

Sister Jiang 


Audiences’ Favorite Actor Awards (4) 

WEN Zhang in Snow Leopard 

WU Xiubo in Before Dawn 

LIN Yongjian in My Name is WANG Tudi 

HE Shengming in Palace II 


Audiences’ Favorite Actress Awards (4) 

CHEN Shu in Iron Heroine 

MA Su in Beauty of Innocence 

YUE Hong in Lucky Happiness 

SONG Jia in Cliff 


Best TV Drama Director Award 

YAN Jiangang in Chinese Land 


Best Screenplay Award 

WANG Chaozhu in Revolution 1911 


Best TV Drama Photography Awards (2) 

SUN Yeping in Revolution 1911 

QIAN Tao in Chinese Land 


Best TV Drama Fine Arts Award 

YANG Zhaohui in Lady in She Fragrance 


Best Recording Award 

LI Anag in Abandoned Chess 


Best Lighting Award 

CAO Wen in China in 1921 


Best TV Show 

2012 CCTV Spring Gala Evening 


Jury’s Special Awards for TV Program (3) 

Opening Ceremony and Gala Performance of 2010 Shanghai EXPO 

Hundred Flowers in Spring Celebration—2012 Spring Festival Gala of Chinese Literary and Art Circles 

Sailing—Opening Ceremony and Gala Performance of the 16th Asian Games 


Excellent TV Programs (10) 

“I Sing a Ballad to the Party”—Large-scale Musical Event in Celebration of the 90th Anniversary of Founding of CPC 

Touching Voice in Qingming Recital 

2011 BTV Spring Gala Evening 

Under the Brilliant Sunshine—2011 Children’s Day Gala Evening 

Full Passion on our Way of Sunshine—2012 Spring Celebration Evening of PLA and People 

Teenage Star Amusement 

American Special—If you are the One 

Perfect Couple 

Closing Ceremony of the 8th Golden Eagle Festival and Award Evening of the 25th China TV Golden Eagle Awards 

Talent Show of Volume One of China’s X-Factor 


Best MC of TV Program Awards (2) 

CUI Yongyuan (from CCTV) 

MENG Fei (from Jiangsu TV station) 


Excellent MC of TV Program Awards (5) 

ZHANG Quanling (from CCTV) 

LI Kun (from BTV)  

CHEN Weihong (from CCTV)\ 

HAI Lin (from CCTV) 

XIE Na I(from Hunan TV station) 


Best TV Show Director 

TENG Junjie in Opening Ceremony and Gala Performance of 2010 Shanghai EXPO 


Best TV Show Photography Awards (2) 

LONG Jianping and his Team in Closing Ceremony of the 8th Golden Eagle Festival and Award Evening of the 25th China TV Golden Eagle Awards 

CHENG Xiaolin in Opening Ceremony and Gala Performance of 2010 Shanghai EXPO 


Best TV Show Fine Arts Award 

CHEN Yan in 2012 CCTV Spring Gala Evening 


Best TV Documentary Director Award 

LIU Wen in Spring Gala Evening 


Best TV Documentary Photography Award 

LIU Chang in Volume 1 of 100 Things of the Forbidden City 


Excellent TV Animation Awards (5) 

Flooding Golden Mountain 

Exploring Kingdom of Set Phrases 

Dumb Family 

A Boy called Glue 

Legend of Qinhuangdao 

Best TV Publicity Award 

Life is s Stage—CCTV 3 


Excellent TV Publicity Awards (4) 

The Beautiful yet Fragile Earth 

This is Beijing 

Expression Form of Love 

New Weifang City 


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