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Lighting China-India Art Exchange

2018-12-24 09:37:00

Lighting China-India Art Exchange 

——Ballet of "China Today"Arts week Debuts in India  

Group photos of guests and performers after performances at Suresh Bhat Auditorium in Nagpur

Lighting ceremony prior to performance at Siri Fort Auditorium in New Ddlhi

Group photo between Chinese ambassador in India and Troupe of "China Today" Arts Week

Stills of Natural Melody

Stills of Butterfly Lovers

People always hold the sacred lighting ceremony prior to every important performance, according to the tradition of India. On February 1, the ceremony was held at the Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi --- China ballet performance of China Today Arts Week, co-hosted by China Federation of Literature and Art Circles (CFLAC), Indian Council for Cultural Relations and Chinese Embassy in India and undertaken by Chinese Dancers Association, Guangzhou Ballet and the Indian Musicians' Federation, has kicked off here.

In 2016, the CFLAC and Indian Council for Cultural Relations have officially signed the Cooperation I Memorandum, laying a solid foundation for the establishment of a mechanism of exchange and cooperation. In May, 2017, the both sides have jointly hosted the "Colorful India" Cultural Festival, witnessing a wealth of content deeply welcomed by the Chinese audiences, such as Indian song and dance performances, Buddhist cultural heritage photography exhibitions and Indian movie exhibitions and etc. As a return visit, the Chinese ballet shown this time in Chinese style will be presented to Indian audiences on February 1 at the Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi and two performances at the Suresh Bhat Auditorium in Nagpur on February 5. CHEN Jianwen, Secretary of the Secretariat of CFLAC, LUO Zhaohui, Chinese Ambassador to India, ZHENG Xiyuan, Consul General of China in Mumbai, Mrs. Riva Ganguly Das, Director General, ICCR, Kishor Jawade, Secretary-general of Indian Musicians' Federation, Nanda Jichkar, Mayor of Nagpur, as well as leaders of relevant departments such as the International Liaison Department of CFLAC, Chinese Dancers Association and some 3,800 audiences of two performances have jointly experience the ballet art charm of "China Today" .

"China and India are both ancient civilizations in the world, enjoying a long history and splendid cultures. The cultural exchanges between the two countries lasted for more than 2,000 years and the friendship between the two peoples dated back to ancient times. Since the beginning of the new century, the cultural exchanges between China and India have witnessed abundant development, promoting mutual understanding between the two peoples." CHEN Jianwen claimed at the opening ceremony of the "China Today" Arts Week held on February 1.

Chinese Stories conveying emotions transcending boundaries 

"The repertoire of our ballet performances selection upholds the purposes of 'different forms of diversified themes, jointly showing the characteristics of Chinese ballet', both classical ballet excerpts, and ballet works of Chinese theme." Said ZHANG Yi, Deputy head of Guangzhou Ballet.

As the performance curtain was opened, the Guangzhou Ballet dancers provided the most popular classical ballet Swan Lake Act II to the Indian audiences, the works combining the classical ballet and romantic ballet organically, partially reflecting the level of Chinese ballet collective dance. Subsequently, the Classic Grand Pas de Deux that fully demonstrating the technique of ballerinas and the famous Swan Lake three-act double dance were staged one after another, blooming the glory of Chinese ballet. After the "classical feast," it also had to change its flavors: The "Jazz Taste" of Moody Moves composed by Elton John and directed by Jonas Cooker led the Indian audiences to experience the integration of Chinese art and the international trend, winning continuous applauses.

"Our dance troupe has been performing in Australia, Russia, Germany, Britain, France, the United States and other countries for many years and we find that the ballet performance of China staged by the Chinese dancers is most welcomed by the local audiences" said ZHANG Yi. The fact is indeed so - the ballet Natural Melody brought by the Guangzhou Ballet has chosen Chinese Guqin music to express the flowing quality of nature and harmony between heaven and earth with a freehand brushwork. Flowing of the transformation of the screens refreshed the audiences. The second half of the special performance has been "delivered" to China's classical symphonic ballet Butterfly Lovers. Through the form of ballet "China's Romeo and Juliet," it turned the intrinsic transformation into the dance art image. With language of ballet, it vividly demonstrated the theme of love "Live and Die Together", infecting all the audiences. Chinese stories convey emotions transcending boundaries.

Ballet is originated from Europe. The classical art has been well developed in China, the Red Detachment of Womenand the White-Haired Girl is the two landmarks of Chinese ballet, acquainted by the whole world with its unique Chinese characteristics. We bring Chinese local art to India. Through the wonderful performances of Chinese ballet dancers, we interpret the persistent pursuit and the contemporary style of Chinese artists for the truth, kindness and beauty, hoping that they will be favored by the Indian people and expect the development of emotional resonance. Said XIA Xiaohu, head of the "China Today" Arts Week art troupe and the deputy Secretary-general of the China Dancers Association.

CFLAC is appreciated for bringing excellent performancesto India 

The love of Butterfly Lovers touched the audiences in India and also touched the filaments of the Siri Fort Auditorium--- the whole auditorium turned into darkness suddenly without any power as the ballet climax Transformation was on. However, the dancers, like Indian audiences, were "calm" and dealt with the situation with confidence. When the lights were on again, the music raised again and the performance continued. The high standard of professionalism and dazzling dance of Chinese ballet performers have won the most enthusiastic applauses.

As a comprehensive exchange of Chinese contemporary art exhibitions launched annually by CFLAC, the 13th "Today China" Arts Week has been successfully held in 15 countries and regions since 2004, and for overcoming the challenges of "acclimatization", "blackout" was only one of the difficulties that ballet dancers needed to solve in India. There was no special rehearsal hall at the Siri Fort Auditorium and there were also no poles for dancers. Everyday practice and rehearsal required everyone to take a chair to the stage. In Nagpur's performance, there were dancers inadvertently injured, however, they still insisted on completing the entire performance with wounds.

Overcoming all kinds of challenges caused by "acclimatization", "China Today" Arts Week has gained a high praise from the mainstream society in India. The famous Indian dancer Rukmini Chatterjee invited the Guangzhou Ballet to come to India again, considering that the "Chinese ballet is very exciting". "China's ballet and India's Kathak dance are vital to their own cultures. The form of ballet art and that of the music are important ways of artistic exchange for the Nagpur audiences, who watch the ballet for the first time." Said MLA Dr Milind Mane in India.

"At present, a university in China has begun to award a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in yoga. The Bollywood movie Dangal! has drawn a very high box office in China last year. Recently, the Indian film Secret Superstar was also very popular in China." LUO Zhaohui was very much familiar when talking about the exchange of literature and art between China and India "Looking back on the history, Master Monk XUANzang and Bodhidharma and other great monks spread the seeds of civilization between the two nations through long journeys with hardships. They are pioneers in the China-Indian exchanges and today, the ballet artists continue to deliver the friendship between the two countries along their footsteps." Mrs. Riva Ganguly Das said that the "China Today" Arts week has provided a rare opportunity for Indian people to understand Chinese art. The Indian side will continue to deepen the humanistic exchanges between the two countries and promote the continuous development of the bilateral relations. The dancers on the "China Today" Arts Week are the "lighting" messengers of contemporary China-India artistic exchanges.

Ballet's charm and wonderful performances make many Indian audiences to line up outside the theatre two hours in advance, and the Chinese compatriots in India came to the performance in groups through chartered bus; even an Indian audience went to the stage background after the performance specifically, saying with great excitement:"CFLAC is appreciated for bringing excellent performances to India!" In March of this year, the Indian public, like him, can be excited again - On February 3rd, CFLAC held a news conference in Nagpur, announcing that the organization will hold the Chinese film exhibition in Jaipur from March 18th to March 22nd and the Chinese Buddhist Culture Photography Exhibition will be held from March 19th to March 23rdin the exhibition hall of Mumbai National Center for Performing Arts---"China Today" Arts Week will continue the wonderful course of lighting in India.