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Founded in May 1981, China Calligraphers Association (CCA) is a non-governmental organization of professional calligraphers from all ethnic groups of China. Serving as the bridge and bond between CPC and government as well as music circle, CCA is considered to be a key element in prospering Socialist literary and art cause and building up a Socialist cultural power. CCA is a group member of CFLAC. Consisting of 41 group members and over 140000 individual members, CCA has made considerable progress in various aspects of calligraphy such as artistic creation, academic research, calligraphic education, international exchange and membership administration.

Within the framework of CDA, there are 13 professional committees of Academic Research, Seal Characters, Official Script, Regular Script, Cursive Writing, Tachygraphy, Seal Cut, Hard-tipped Calligraphy, Professional Construction, Calligraphic Education, News, Publication and Media, Women Calligraphers and International Exchange. Besides, there are 6 functional departments, namely General Office, Domestic Liaison Department, International Liaison Department, Exhibition Affairs Department, Research Department, Secretariat of International Calligraphers Union, and 5 units, namely Calligraphic Art Center of CFLAC, China Calligraphy Media Press Co.,Ltd (constituted by China Calligraphy Press, China Calligraphy Newspaper and China Calligraphy Magazine Studio), Calligraphic Training Center of CAA, Calligraphy Examination Center of CAA and Calligraphic Exhibition Center of CAA. 

The major missions of CAA are to carry out the literary and art guidelines and policies advocated by CPC in persistence with service for socialist society and people as well as artistic diversity, to inherit and develop the art tradition of Chinese calligraphy, to hold fast to the creational orientation for the people for constant improvement in calligraphic art, to provide coordination, liaison, service and professional guideline for its members, to enhance the morality, cultivation and professional skills of every calligrapher and related worker so as to achieve excellent in both artistry and virtue, and to strengthen professional service, administration and self-discipline. With the focus on crucial tasks of CPC and national government, CCA also conducts many themed events as well. CCA will organize exhibition, competition and theoretic exchange in calligraphy, carry out training and education so as to better the popularity of Chinese calligraphy among people and safeguard the copyright and legal interest of every calligrapher. Moreover, CCA is committed to unite extensive calligraphers and amateurs in calligraphy together by supporting mass calligraphic events, encourage related industry and endeavor for an increasing potential of sustainability. 

Playing an active role in its international exchange as well as the exchange with the counterparts in the regions of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, CCA is delighted to develop a friendly cooperation around the world and make its due contribution to the prosperity of Chinese calligraphic art as well as promotion for the global peace, culture and friendship. 

Name List of Winners of the 6th China Calligraphy Lanting Awards (2017)

 Golden Award



Silver Awards (7) 

Calligraphy and Seal Cut Category (5) 

ZHANG Ji (from PLA)

LONG Kaisheng (from PLA) 

XU Youbing (from Sichuan)

LI Shuangyang (from Jiangsu) 

JIANG Lezhi (from Shandong) 

Theoretic Research Category ( 2) 

Study on Copiers and their Signature in Bamboo and Wooden Slips in Qin and Han Dynasties 

by WANG Xiaoguang (from Shanghai) 

Historical Documents of SU Shis Calligraphy (Volume 1 & 2

by SHUI Laiyou (from Shanghai) 


Bronze Awards (7) 

Calligraphy and Seal Cut Category (6) 

JIN Boxing (from Hubei)

GAN Haimin (from Liaoning) 

FAN Lijie (from Hubei)

KE Yunhan (from Fujian) 

WANG Xi (from Shanghai)

ZHANG Shengwei (from Shaanxi) 

Theoretic Research Category 

Album of Imperial and Ordinary Seals in Ancient Times 

by XU Chang (from Jiangsu) 

Name List of Winners of the 5th China Calligraphy Lanting Awards (2015)

 Lifetime Achievement Awards (2)

SUN Boxiang

ZHOU Huijun 


Artistry Awards (10) 

HAN Tianheng

LI Gangtian

ZHOU Junjie

LIU Yiwen 

XU Liming

ZHANG Xuguang

QIU Zhenzhong

XU Benyi 

ZHANG Jianhui



Theoretic Research Awards (19) 

1st Prize (3) 

Study on RUAN Yuans Calligraphy 

by JIN Dan 

Collection of CHU Mos Works (Calligraphy Part) 

by SHENG Dongtao 

Collection Study of XIANG Familys Calligraphy at Jiaxing in Late Ming Dynasty 

by YE Mei 

2nd Prize (4) 

Comprehensive Study of Calligraphers in Northern Song Dynasty 

by CHEN Zhiping 

Study on Newly Unearthed Bamboo and Wooden Slips and Carve-and-print Calligraphy in Han and Jin Dynasties 

by WANG Xiaoguang 

Elegance in Natural SceneryWANG Chongs Life and Calligraphy 

by XUE Longchun 

Three Mansions of ZHU Yun, BI Yuan and RUAN Yuan and Inscription Calligraphy in the Reigns of Qianlong and Jiaqing Emperors 

by ZHANG Junling 

3rd Prize (12) 

Study on Ancient BrushesDocumentation and Relics of Ancient Brushes in Han and Tang Dynasties 

by WANG Xuelei 

From Spread of Western Learning in the Orient to Calligraphic Transformation 

by ZHU Shuai 

Historical Research Collection of Orchid Pavilion Preface by SHUI Laiyou 

Array and Study of Calligraphic Documentation in Notes and Diaries in Qing Dynasty 

by ZHANG Xiaozhuang 

Study on Chinese Ancient Brushes 

by ZHU Youzhou 

Academic Research on SHA Menghai 

by XU Qing 

Proofreading and Notes on Essence of Calligraphy Circle

by CUI Erping 

Chronology of Chinese Calligraphy 

by ZHANG Tiangong 

Breaking Autumn in Whistle of Iron FluteSocial and Creational Events 

by YANG Weizhen at Suzhou by GU Gong 

Study on Calligraphy and Painting Collection in Archive and Pavilion of Northern Song Dynasty and other 3 theses in series 

by YANG Jun 

Study on WU Rong, a Calligrapher in Tang Dynasty and other 4 theses in series 

by CHEN Shuguo 


Excellent Calligraphy Awards (30) 

1st Prize (5) 


WANG Weijun

LIU Yongqing


JIN Zeshan 

2nd Prize (10) 

LI Ming

HE Weiwei

LIU Hongwei

LOU Dongsheng 



ZENG Jinxi

ZHANG Shengwei 

QIU Gaochi

PENG Shuanglong 

3rd Prize (15) 

XIE Shaocheng

LUAN Jinguang

CHEN Shengkai

YANG Jiangfan 

LIN Yumei


XIN Hong

FEI Yinbin 

SHI Wenzhen

LIU Dexian

LIANG Wenbin

WANG Jiaren 

YU Minghong

XIE Quansheng

HE Zongguo 

Name List of Winners of the 4th China Calligraphy Lanting Awards (2013)

 Lifetime Achievement Awards (3) 

YU Tianchi

CHEN Fangji



Artistry Awards (10) 


CAO Baolin

CONG Wenjun

SUN Xiaoyun 

WANG Dongling

HUA Rende

LIN Jiandan

WU Xing 

WANG Youyi

ZHANG Rongqing 


Excellent Calligraphy Awards (28) 

1st Prize (5) 

FENG Yinqiang

(from Inner Mongolia)

LING Haitao (from Anhui) 

ZHU Mingyue (from Liaoning)

NI Hejun (from Shandong) 

WU Qingdong (from Heilongjiang) 

2nd Prize (10) 

LI Rui (from Guangdong)

LIU Changlong (from Liaoning) 

LIU Yongqing (from Hebei)

NIU Geng (from Henan) 

KE Xueren (from Fujian)

WANG Naiyong (from Henan) 

ZENG Jinxi (from Fujian)

PAN Wenzhi (from Guangxi) 

JI Ping (from Henan)

WANG Guanping (from Heilongjiang) 

3rd Prize (13) 

LIU Yiming (from Henan)

YANG Wen (from Shandong) 

LV Jinguang (from Sichuan)

XUE Dangjun (from Henan) 

LIU Jusen ( from Henan)

WANG Guozhu (from Shanxi) 

XU Youbing (from Beijing)

SUN Xuehui (from Liaoning) 

ZHU Zhigang (from Jiangsu)

ZHANG Hongjie (from Henan) 

LI Li (from Zhejiang)

HE Laisheng (from Zhejiang) 

SUN Xianhua (from Guangdong) 


Theoretic Research Awards (19) 

1st Prize (3) 

Fashion over Time: Comprehensive Study on Documents and Figure of WANG Xizhi (Volume 1 &2) 

by QI Xiaochun (from Guangdong) 

ZHANG Tiangongs Texutal Research on Calligraphy in Early Tang Dynasty 

by ZHANG Tiangong (from Hubei) 

Calligraphy Historic Study in the Visual Threshold of Mechanism in Song Dynasty 

by LI Huibin (from Shandong) 

2nd Prize (7) 

Analysis of Chapter of ZHAO Yi in the History of the Latter Han Dynasty and other 2 theses 

by JIANG Bo (from Hunan) 

Study on Calligraphy Education in Ancient China 

by XIANG Bin (from Shandong) 

Brief Analysis of Calligraphic Styles in Song Dynasty 

by ZHANG Dianyou (from Henan) 

Calligraphy in Bamboo and Wooden Slips in Qin Dynasty 

by WANG Xiaoguang (from Shandong) 

Collection and Study of Orchid Pavilion Preface in Song Dynasty 

by CHEN Yimei (from Shanghai) 

Study of Poem on Calligraphic Comments in Song Dynasty 

by CAI Xianliang (from Guangdong) 

Between Science and CalligraphyModernization Process and Related Academic Reflection of Chinese Calligraphy Theory Research in the Early 20th Century and related 8 theses 

by ZHU Shuai (from Beijing) 

3rd Prize (9) 

Worldly Communications in Calligraphy Arts: Intellectuals Calligraphy on Traditional Fan as Exchange and Related Cultural Metaphor 

by WU Peng (from Guizhou) 

Study on Calligraphy System in Western Han Dynasty and other 2 theses 

by YANG Erbin (from Shanxi) 

The Ideas and Style Evolution of Calligraphy in the 20th Century 

by CAO Jian, etc. (from Chongqing) 

Construction and Dissemination of Folk Calligraphy KnowledgeFocus on Calligraphy Documents written in Daily Books in Late Ming Dynasty (Thesis) 

by FANG Bo (from Zhejiang) 

Study on Formation and Source of Calligraphy in Scrolls 

by WU Xiaoming (from Zhejiang) 

Pursuit of Fortune and Elegant Funon Economic Awareness and Behavior in Events of Appreciation in WEN Pengs Calligraphy and Painting and 3 other theses 

by LIU Dongqin (from Jiangsu) 

Calligraphic Study on LIU Xizai 

by YANG Baolin (from Liaoning) 

Zhejiang Seal Cut History 

by XU Yongping (from Zhejiang) 

Brief Analysis of Lanting Study 

by Mao Wanbao (from Zhejiang) 


  • SU Shishu
    CHEN Hongwu
    CHEN Zhenlian