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Founded in 1981, China Acrobats Association (CAA) is a non-governmental organization of professional acrobats from all ethnic groups all over China under the guidance of CPC. Serving as the bridge and bond between CPC and government as well as acrobatic circle, CAA is considered to be a key element in prospering Socialist literary and art cause and building up a Socialist cultural power. CAA is a group member of CFLAC.

CAA implements the literary and art guideline policies by CPC and adheres to the people’s orientation in work and creation. While catering for the people at all levels,CAA strides with the tide in conducting innovative reforms and making functions in consolidation, guidance, communication, coordination, service and management, self-discipline and rights protection among acrobats. By organizing training, inspiration seeking deep into life, awards and critics, showcase of creation, theoretic exchange, publication, art voluntary service, lawful rights protection and exchange with foreign counterparts, CAA is devoted to the prosperity of Chinese acrobatic cause as a sweet and cozy home for all Chinese acrobats. 

CAA currently practices group membership and individual membership simultaneously. Currently CAA consists of 30 group members, namely acrobats associations in the 20 provinces, 4 autonomous regions and 4 municipalities, as well as Acrobats Association of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Besides, CAA is blessed with over 2900 individual members at the state level. The supreme authority of CAA is the National Congress that elects into its board council. The president and several vice presidents are elected into the Presidium that appoints one secretary-general and several deputy secretaries-general. The National Congress of CAA is convened every five years and during its recess the board council implements the approved resolutions by National Congress. During the recess of the board council, the Presidium takes charge of resolutions by National Congress as well as the board council and executive vice president is in charge of daily work of CAA. The headquarters of CAA is located in Beijing. 

Name List of Winners of the 10th China Acrobatics Golden Chrysanthemum Awards (Acrobatic Programs, 2017)

 Pole SkillsThe 9th Degree of Wave

by China Acrobatic Troupe Company

Russian BarsBreakthrough 

by Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe Company 

Heightened ChairsDrum Dance in the Cloud 

by Jinan Municipal Acrobatic Troupe 

Pose by Neck-standingMemory of Civilization 

by Zhejiang Quyi and Acrobatic Ensemble Company 

Trampoline SkillsRighteousness in Swordsmanship 

by Henan Provincial Acrobatic Group Company 

Foot Juggling at SpringboardEnchantment in the Journey to the West

by Nanjing Municipal Acrobatic Troupe Company 

Elevated Soft WireCharm of Bamboo 

by Guangzhou Municipal Acrobatic Theatre Company 

Dazzling Skills of Rickshaw 

by Wuhan Acrobatic Art Company 

Womens Collective Bike RidingFight for Blue Sky 

by Hebei Provincial Acrobatic Troupe Company 

Straw Hat 

by Shandong Provincial Acrobatic Troupe 

Name List of Winners of the 9th China Acrobatics Golden Chrysanthemum Awards (Magic Programs, 2015)

 Golden Awards (2)

Beauty  Geometry by LI Jie 

Pigeon Change by DING Yang 


Silver Awards (4) 

Pretty Figure in Colorful Costume by LIU Yingying & WANG Yaqin 

New Colors of Ancient Times by YU Boran & XU Yang 

Love of Windows by WANG Yaliang & LIU Jiaming 

Shadow of Dream by Zulihumair Wubuli & Miriziaihemaiti Shabir 


Bronze Awards (3) 

Triple Tease of Plum Blossom by ZHU Chengcheng 

Flying Flowers in Green by YU Dianer 

Ballad of Yao Mountain by SUN Qiaomei 


Best Performance Awards (3) 

Elegant FantasyDance of Umbrella by HUANG Wenyu 

Enchanted Mermaid by LIU Fang 

Legend of Blooming Ocean by ZHAO Mengyue 

Name List of Winners of the 8th China Acrobatics Golden Chrysanthemum Awards (Acrobatic Play, 2013)

 Excellent Play Awards (3)

Splendid by China Acrobatic Troupe Company 

Life  Sunshine by Guangzhou Friendship Acrobatic Troupe 

Aquatic Show by Puyang Haoyi Acrobatic Group Company 


Best Choreography Awards (7) 

LI Xining (from Chengdu War Flag Acrobatic Troupe)

in TEA 

ZHONG Hao & Ainiwa Maimaiti (from Xinjiang Acrobatic Troupe)

in Hello, Afanti 

LIU Chun, DENG Baojin, DU Jingyi & LIU Chang (from Jinan Municipal Acrobatic Troupe)

in Cosmetic Mask of Chinese Opera 

WANG Yafei (from Chongqing Acrobatic Troupe Company)

in Amazon Mulan 

LIU Chun & MEI Yuezhou (from Wuhan Acrobatic Art Company)

in 9 Songs in Fantasy 

LI Chi & WANG Jian (from Taiyuan Municipal Song, Dance and Acrobatic Ensemble)

in We are Young enough to Chase Dream 

DONG Zhengzhen, WANG An & BI Jie (from Shenyang Advancement Acrobatic Troupe)

in Stride with our Motherland 


Best Music Award (1) 

LIU Yan (from Dalian Acrobatic Troupe) in Farewell, my Concubine 


Innovation Awards (2) 

Shenyang Acrobatic and Performing Arts Group Company in Heavenly Legend 2Sun Bird 

Beijing Oriental Phoenix Culture Development Company in Aurora in Dreamland 


Jury Special Awards (3) 

Vegetables Gala by Hebei Provincial Acrobatic and Performing Arts Company 

Fancy Restaurant by Nanjing Seal Humor Art Troupe 

Chasing the Sun by Puyang Sunshine Disabled Acrobatic Company 


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