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YE Xiaogang

  Born in Shanghai in 1955, YE Xiaogang is a Chinese musician and composer, vice president and doctoral tutor of Central Conservatory of Music (CCM), president of China Musicians Association (CMA, 2015) and vice president of CFLAC (2016). 
  YE was admitted into Composition Department of CCM in 1978 and he has created a large quantity of music in various genres such as symphony, chamber music, melody for opera and dance drama, and soundtrack in films and TV productions. His representative works are The Great Wall Symphony, Light of Tibet, Road to the Republic and Rite of Peace, dance drama Shenzhen Stories, opera Ode to Farewell and Everlasting Joy. 
  YE’s soundtrack for films and TV involve: films Married to a Child, Eighteen Springs (recommended for Best Music Award of Hong Kong Film Festival), Meeting in the Dark (winner of Best Music Award of Shanghai Film Festival), Gua Sha Treatment, On Taihang Mountain (both winners of Best Music Award of China Film Golden Rooster Awards), and Fighting Against Flood (winner of Best Music Award of Chinese Film Huabiao Award) as well as TV productions such as Jade Guanyin and The Rise of the Great Powers. YE once won “Award for Excellent Contribution to Film Music” conferred by Shanghai Film Festival. 
  YE’s leading awards are mainly Wenhua Music Award by Chinese Ministry of Culture, the championship of American Tcherepnin Composition Competition, Academic Outstanding Achievement Award by Li Foundation of USA and award from American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). His symphonies Stories of Spring, 1st Suite of Shenzhen Stories, the songs Joys and Worries in Adolescence and Spring in the Wood have won China Golden Bell Music Awards by CMA on many occasions.