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PENG Liyuan

  Born in Heze City of Shandong Province in 1962, PENG Liyuan is a State Class-A soprano, president of PLA Art Academy and vice president of CFLAC (2011). 
  PENG Liyuan’s popular songs such as Yimeng Mountain—My Hometown, On the Promising Fields, and I Love You, Snow from Northern Boundary in almost every Chinese household mark the first part of her artistic development, while those original songs My Country Fellows, My White-haired Mother, and Mount Qomolangma demonstrated her integration of merits from other schools of vocals as well as innovative breakthrough in skills. PENG Liyuan’s resolute exploration and expansion for local singing has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of Chinese national vocals and military presentation in music. 
  PENG Liyuan is the first master of Chinese national vocals that enjoys a special subsidy from the State Council of China.