China Federation of Literary and Art Circles


SHENG Xiaoyun

  Born in Suzhou City of Jiangsu Province in 1969, SHENG Xiaoyun is a State Class-A actress of Suzhou Pingtan, member of the Presidium of CFLAC (2016) and vice president of China Quyi Artists Association (2007). 
  Growing up in a family of Suzhou Pingtan tradition, SHENG Xiaoyun learned this art from such masters as XING Yanzhi and JIANG Yunxian. Blessed with a sweet and melodious voice as well as elegant and agreeable singing, SHENG Xiaoyun is adept at various styles of both narration and singing. Her representative works are Waterside Lanes of Suzhou (winner of the New Program Award of the 9th Wenhua Awards), Spring Vision in Stone City (winner of Performance Award of the 1st China Quyi Peony Awards), and The Story of Three Lovers (winner of the Excellent Performance Award of the 1st China Suzhou Pingtan Art Festival), Legend of Teasing Emperor, and Big-feet Queen. SHENG Xiaoyun once won New Talent Award of Chinese Quyi Gathering, Golden Prize of Performance at the 3rd China Suzhou Pingtan Art Festival and the honor of National Youth Literary and Art Worker of both High Artistry and Lofty Virtue. In her tour performance in USA, Canada, Netherlands and Singapore as well as regions of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, SHENG Xiaoyun has invariably received a high recognition.