China Federation of Literary and Art Circles


CHEN Zhenlian

  Born in Shanghai in 1956 and starting his career in October 1976, CHEN Zhenlian is currently a professor, doctoral tutor, vice president of CFLAC (2016), vice president of China Calligraphers Association (2010) and vice president of China Literary and Art Critics Association (2014). 
  In 1979, CHEN Zhenlian became a student of three Chinese calligraphy masters LU Weizhao, SHAO Menghai and ZHU Lesan in China Academy of Art and graduated with a master degree in calligraphy study. Since 1981, he has been a teacher and professor in China Academy of Art and Zhejiang University. In the respect of theoretic research of traditional Chinese calligraphy, painting and seal cut, CHEN Zhenlian has published 40 works such as Aesthetics in Calligraphy (winner of the 1st Theory Award of China Calligraphy Lanting Awards), The World of Lines—Chinese Calligraphy Culture History, Introduction to the Space Poetry Study, Album of Traditional Chinese Calligraphy, Painting and Seal Cut and Comparative Study of China-Japan Painting Modern Exchange History, all of which have provided a complete disciplinary outline for a systematic, standard and professional calligraphy theory. In calligraphic creation, CHEN Zhenlian advocates the style of academic school with his stress on the integration of creative concept, theme, formality and skills in calligraphy. He has been nominated as one of the Top 10 Calligraphy Celebrities and has held personal exhibitions in regions of Zhejiang and Taiwan as well as such foreign country as Japan. In 2001, he won China Contemporary Literary and Art Critic Award.