China Federation of Literary and Art Circles



  Born in Suning City, Hebei Province in 1957 and starting his career in October 1970, BIAN Faji is currently vice president of CFLAC (2016), president of China Acrobats Association (2015) and State Class-A choreographer. 
  BIAN Faji has been long engaged in choreography and related research of acrobatic plays, acrobatic programs, traditional Chinese local operas and variety shows. With many acrobatic-themed gala evenings in his curatorship, BIAN Faji has won the Excellent Program Award of the 6th China Arts Festival, Excellent TV Art Program Award of the 18th China TV Golden Eagle Awards and the First Prize of the 18th Starlight National TV Arts. In the overseas arena, his choreography has won China Acrobatics Golden Chrysanthemum Award, President Award of France, championship in the Youth Today Circus Festival of France and championship in the Youth Today International Circus Festival of Sweden, as well as Golden Lion Awards of China Wuqiao International Acrobatics Festival on many occasions. He has issued such publications as Old Album of Acrobatics and A Brief Introduction of Acrobatics. 
  In 1995, BIAN Faji was conferred with the honor of National Advanced Worker in Culture by Chinese Ministry of Culture, and in 1999 was listed into Hundred Celebrities in Arts of China by CFLAC. In 2001, he won the Lifetime Achievement Award of China Acrobatics Golden Chrysanthemum Awards.