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Director encourages filmmakers to shine amid industry evolution

2024-06-24 16:08:00

  Director Derek Yee (right) shared his insights about Hong Kong cinema and the local industry_s new generation at a recent forum held in Shanghai.[Photo provided to]

  Hong Kong cinema, once a beacon of cinematic excellence, faces a new era where emerging talents are urged to hone their craft through more grounded works, as highlighted by director Derek Yee during a recent forum in Shanghai.

  Titled "Emerging Power of Hong Kong Cinema in Conversation with Derek Yee", the forum took place at the 26th Shanghai International Film Festival on June 17. Yee, accompanied by eight young actors and actresses born between the 1990s and 2000s, discussed the industry's shifting landscape and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

  Notable talents like actress Rachel Leung, actor Henick Chou, and Leung Chung-hang, who starred in the acclaimed film In Broad Daylight, a triple award-winner at the 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards, were part of the panel.

  Director Derek Yee (middle) alongside young actors and actresses attended a forum about Hong Kong cinema held in Shanghai on June 17.[Photo provided to] 

  In Broad Daylight, inspired by true events, delves into a journalist's quest to uncover scandals encompassing abuses, corruption, and sexual assault within a residential care facility, showcasing a new wave of storytelling in Hong Kong cinema.

  Yee emphasized the evolving nature of the industry, noting a transition toward smaller-scale productions that explore societal issues with artistic flair. He stressed the importance of compelling scripts, heightened dramatic tension, and the necessity for young filmmakers and actors to elevate their skills to tackle such projects effectively.

  Acknowledging the hurdles faced by the younger generation in the industry, Yee encouraged resilience and hard work, urging Hong Kong's budding talents to persevere through challenges and strive for a promising future in the dynamic world of cinema.