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Ink artist's landscape painting bridging tradition and modernity

2024-06-24 15:57:00

  Ink painter Lyu Cuixia's new landscape paintings show her recent progress in the genre of ink tradition. [Photo provided to China Daily]

  For ink artists, the pursuit of harmonizing nature and humanity while conveying timeless principles through their art has been a lifelong endeavor. When Lyu Cuixia joined veteran artist Lu Yushun's studio at the China National Academy of Painting years ago, she was already a skilled landscape painter adept at capturing natural marvels and personal sentiments, as noted by Lu.

  While recognizing Lyu's proficiency in traditional brushwork, Lu encouraged her to push boundaries and infuse new elements into her art to align with evolving aesthetic sensibilities. At Lyu's current exhibition at the Art News of China gallery, visitors witness her artistic growth — stepping beyond her familiar techniques to modernize compositions and explore innovative approaches to color and form.

  Lyu's artistic experiments not only reflect her dedication to preserving the essence of the northern school of Chinese landscape painting, known for its rugged landscapes of North China, but also her aspiration to incorporate the elegance and fluidity characteristic of the southern school.

  In her artistic journey, Lyu showcases a delicate balance between honoring tradition and embracing innovation, illustrating a captivating evolution in the realm of Chinese landscape painting.