China Federation of Literary and Art Circles


MENG Guanglu

  Born in Tianjin in 1962, MENG Guanglu is a contemporary Peking Opera artist, State Class-A actor who enjoys a special subsidy from the State Council of China, vice president of CFLAC (2016) and vice president of China Theatre Association (2015). 
  With his representative repertoires of Justice to Imperial Son-in-law, Inquiry to Ghosts, Conquest of Five Generals and Punishing Emperor’s Robe, MENG Guanglu has won Best Acting Award of National Youth Peking Opera TV Competition, China Theatre Plum Blossom Award, Wenhua Acting Award and Golden Award of China Peking Opera Festival. MENG Guanglu has been conferred with such honors of the 5th series of National Intangible Cultural Heritage Heirs of China, Model Worker in National Culture Circle of China and National Young Literary and Art Worker of both High Artistry and Lofty Virtue. 
  As an heir of QIU school of Peking Opera, MENG Guanglu has a solid foundation and profound skills, especially in vocal. Blessed with a pleasant and resonant vocality and flexibility, he can fulfill the aesthetic appreciation for both sound and feelings simultaneously, which greatly meets the audio-visual demand of audiences and represents his extensive influence in artistry. Moreover, his considerable capability for creation and passion for innovation has gained a high remarks within this profession.