China Federation of Literary and Art Circles



  Born in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 1966 and graduated from Dance Study Major at Xinjiang Class of Postgraduate Department of Chinese National Academy of Arts, DILINAR Abudula is a State Class-A dancer, vice president of CFLAC (2011) and vice president of China Dancers Association (2000). 
  DILINAR Abudula started her career in July 1982 and her representative works are solos Picking Grapes, Plate Dance (listed as Classic Chinese Dance in the 20th Century), Fire of Iceberg (winner of the 1st Prize of National Minority Nationalities Dance Competition of China) Heartfelt Wish (winner of the 1st Prize of National Dance Competition of China) and Girls from Daban Town (winner of Wenhua Performance Award). Having staged her solo performances in Xinjiang and Beijing, DILINAR Abudula has participated in some performances in Japan, DPRK, Russia, Egypt, Kuwait as well as regions of Hong Kong and Macao (winning awards mostly). 
  Adept at advanced skills in producing a bright and lively image on stage, DILINAR Abudula has achieved a great success in showcasing the unique charm of dances of different ethnic groups in Xinjiang. DILINAR Abudula has been conferred with the honors of National Literary and Art Worker of both High Artistry and Lofty Virtue and Top 10 Outstanding Youngsters in Xinjiang.