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  Born in Shanghai in 1952, FENG Yuan is a professor and a painter of Traditional Chinese Painting. He used to be vice president of China Academy of Art, director general of Departments of Arts and Scientific Education and president of National Art Museum of China, and currently is vice president of CFLAC (2005) and vice president of China Artists Association (2003). 
  In 1978, FENG Yuan was admitted into Graduate Class of Traditional Chinese Painting of China Academy of Art and became a pupil of the master FANG Zengxian. Upon graduation, he became a teacher, associate professor, and then vice president of China Academy of Art. 
  His works History, QU Yuan’s Passion in Poetry, Century Sagacity, Times of Desolation and Us have been listed in to the 7th to 11th National Exhibitions of Fine Arts in China. FENG Yuan has issued theses such as Modern Value and Significance of Traditional Intellectual Paintings, Reflection and Exploration upon Artistic Education in China in the 21st Century and Path of Innovation in Chinese Culture in the Background of Economic Globalization and such works as FENG Yuan’s Collection of Traditional Chinese Paintings and Figure Sketch Skills in Traditional Chinese Paintings. His personal exhibitions have traveled in France, Japan and Korea as well as regions of Hong Kong and Taiwan. 
  FENG Yuan is characterized by his abstracted beauty of formality, composition and changing possibility of black and white arising from his ink and brush language in the light of traditional Chinese free and easy style. Moreover, drawing such aesthetic elements of plastic, quantity and structure features from Western arts, FENG Yuan has demonstrated his individualized interest in art and aesthetic pursuit.