China Federation of Literary and Art Circles


FENG Shuangbai

  Born in Changchun City of Jilin Province in 1954, FENG Shuangbai is currently a doctor of literature, member of the Presidium of CFLAC (2014) and president of China Dancers Association (2015). 
  FENG Shuangbai graduated from Chinese Literature and Language Department of Peking University in 1977 and from Dance Department of Chinese National Academy of Arts (CNAA) in 1984 and obtained doctor degree in 2003. He once acted as deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine Dance Art, head of Dance Institute of CNAA and executive vice president of China Dancers Association. His representative choreographic works are dance dramas Beauty at Goli (winner of the 8th Wenhua Award), and The Legend of the Sun (winner of Golden Award of Dance Drama Competition of the 1st China Dance Lotus Awards, the 10th Wenhua Award and Drama Award of CAO Yu Drama Literature Awards). As a curator, FENG Shuangbai was involved with the TV program Dance World in CCTV and acted as a jury member of comprehensive quality in CCTV Dance Competitions. With many academic works in dance such as Dance History of New China and Historical Outline of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Dances, FENG Shuangbai has published over 200 articles of academic research and criticism in dance. For years, FENG Shuangbai’s active role in significant events of dance circle, dance lecturing in provinces all over China and promoting research and development of Chinese dance cause has made outstanding contribution to the popularity of Chinese dance via TV channel.