China Federation of Literary and Art Circles


TIE Ning

  Born in Beijing in 1957, TIE Ning started her literary creation from 1975 on. Her main works are novel The Bathing Women, short stories and mid-length novels How Long is Forever (winner of the 2nd Lu Xun Literature Award), Opposite Side (winner of Zhuang Chongwen Literature Award by China Writers Association), The Red Shirt Without Buttons and June’s Big Topic (winners of the 3rd National Excellence Awards for Mid-length Novel and Short Story), prose collection A Woman’s Nights (winner of the 1st Lu Xun Literature Award) and so on. With so many national awards of literature, many of her works have been adapted into films or TV plays as well as published abroad in different versions of foreign languages.
  1979 novel editor of the editorial office of the magazine Flower Mountain by Baoding Federation of Literary and Art Circles
  1982 joined China Writers Association (CWA) as a board director
  1984 professional writer and later vice president of Hebei Federation of Literary and Art Circles (HFLAC)
  1985-1995 exchange tour in Columbia University, Harvard University and Stanford University in USA
  1996 president of HFLAC and vice president of CWA
  2006 president of CWA for the 1st time
  2011 president of CWA for the 2nd time
  2016 president of CFLAC and president of CWA for the 3rd time