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The 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale:Humanistic concern of contemporary art

2018-04-24 19:37:00

 This is yet another scenery in the beautiful autumn season of Beijing and the largest international art gathering ever held in China. Following the successful 1st Beijing International Art Biennale in 2003, the 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale will be held in the National Art Museum of China and China Century Monument from September 20 to October 20, 2005. The 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale will still be sponsored by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, People's Government of Beijing Municipality and the Chinese Artists Association.

Shortly after the 1st Beijing International Art Biennale, the Chinese Artists Association implementing the exhibition starts the preparation for the 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale. After wide opinion solicitation and scenario planning by the standing Beijing International Art Biennale Office, a new curatorial committee was organized by the Chinese Artists Association, joined by the famous Italian curator Vincenzo Sanfo. Theme and regulations for the 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale was proposed by the curatorial committee. Exhibition information was widely publicized by the Beijing International Art Biennale Office through media such as Art and website of the Art Biennale. Works for the exhibition were also collected. The Chinese Artists Association coordinated closely with Chinese embassies and consulates overseas, foreign embassies and consulates in China, member committees of the International Associate of Art, relative foreign art organizations, artists and curators for invitation of foreign artists. With more than one year preparation, works of both domestic and foreign artists for the exhibition were chosen by the curatorial committee in May, 2005.

Compared with the 1st Beijing International Art Biennale, the 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale is further developed based on the appropriate rules and ideas. The 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale continued the collective planning system tried by the 1st Beijing International Art Biennale. This system has been proved as an effective system appropriate in China. But member number of the curatorial committee of this Biennale is reduced, which is favorable for concentration and discussion. The theme of the 1st Beijing International Art Biennale was "Originality: Contemporaneity and Locality". The theme of the 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale is "Humanistic concern of contemporary art", which continues concerns for contemporary spirit and pertinency of realistic problem. There are three meanings for the theme "Humanistic concern of cotemporary art": in terms of the basic function of art, the contemporary art shall focus on real life and taste of the public. Only understood and accepted by the public, shall the contemporary art perform the function of psychical purification. From the point of view of human being, the contemporary art shall be in pursuit of peace of human being and contribute to a human society of harmony. This year is the 60 anniversary of the Anti-Fascist War Victory and also the 60 anniversary of foundation of the United Nations. As the permanent theme of human being, peace has profound realistic and historical significance. From the view point of nature and human being, the contemporary art shall reflect deeper consideration between human being of the contemporary age and natural environment. Realizing harmony between man and nature is the basic issue during survival and development of human being. In a word, we want to realize harmony between art and the public, harmony between people and harmony between man and nature. The eminent mission of contemporary humanism is to approach the public, promote harmonious development of man, and realize the pursuit for beauty by human being. International symposium will also be held in Beijing and Hefei during the exhibition, implementing more wide and in-depth discussion of the subject.

The 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale will continue the principle established in the 1st Beijing Biennale¨insisting that the main form of exhibit shall be painting and sculpture. This is not only an indication of concern for the mainstream strength of art producing in China, but also an acclimation to painting’s comeback which is the potential trend of regression of contemporary international art, which are favorable for forming the different characteristics of this Biennale in China, building the unique brand, attracting maximum participation of various artists accomplished in painting and sculpture, therefore contributing to maintaining persity of culture in the economic globalization. Currently, many international art biennales are in the new media form of video and installations, which are unconventional and easily stereotyped. However, the Beijing Biennale continues the traditional art forms such as painting and sculpture, separating from the other biennales and reflecting the unique characteristics. As pointed out by a Swedish artist, who had participated the first Beijing Biennale, most of works in contemporary exhibitions held in Europe and the United States are video and installation. It's new and refreshing to enjoy so many paintings and sculptures from different countries. The traditional art forms such as painting and sculpture are not out of date or dying out due to emergence of new media art form. On the contrary, these traditional art forms are improving, renovating and enriching themselves during the process of facing challenge of the new idea and media, emanating vigor in contemporary art. Especially for painting, the eldest art form of human being, probably has the longest life, the most invariable beauty and the largest development arena. The Beijing Biennale is open but not close, compatible but not exclusive.

Painting and sculpture are the main form of exhibits; however, sculpture extending to installation to some extent and painting in combination with photograph are not denied.

Participating countries for the 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale is 69, exceeding the 45 countries in the first Biennale, with a significant improvement in the quality of works. Probably due to the wide influence of the first Biennale, the rallying point of this year Beijing Biennale and attraction of paintings and sculptures, domestic and foreign artists singing up and the recruiting works are far beyond that of the last biennale, providing a wider range for selecting the exhibits and also increasing difficulty of appraisal. Due to limit of exhibition space, many works have to be put aside. After careful appraisal, quality of the exhibits is improved. We focus on the works themselves but not fame of the artist in order to introduce new artist of originality and encourage the artist to express contemporary humanism through the unique vocabulary of art. We are glad that both domestic and foreign artists participating the theme exhibition can finish their works according to the theme of "Humanism concern of cotemporary art". Brief description of each works explains understanding of humanism by the artist. All of the works in exhibition are trying to realize integration of spiritual connotation and an ideal representation.

Apart from the theme exhibition, special exhibitions and sequence exhibitions are arranged for the Beijing Biennale. Special exhibitions include "From Ingres to Warhol", "Prints of Impressionism", "The Special Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Italy", "The Special Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Russia", "The Special Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Uzbekistan", “The Special Exhibition of Huang Zhou”; the serialized exhibitions include "Selected Works of Huang Zhou and His Students", "Selected Works of Middle and Young Age Chinese Artists", "Art Exhibition of the XVI General Assembly of International Association of Art", "Peace and Prosperity Sculpture Exhibition" and "Invitation Exhibition of Children's Art Works" etc. These exhibitions provide the domestic and foreign audience with an opportunity of appreciating sweetness of trans-cultures and enjoying a visual feast from classical to contemporary art.

"One World, One Dream", with the coming steps of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 3rd Beijing Biennale will be held along with Olympic Games. Beijing will demonstrate its dual charm of power and beauty to the world, with the international sports event and the international art activity merging into one another.

For the dream, we expect to realize;

To friends of the world, we welcome you back!