China Federation of Literary and Art Circles


PAN Lusheng

Born in Heze City of Shandong Province in 1962 and graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts with a doctor degree in Fine Arts Study, PAN Lusheng is currently a professor and doctoral tutor of Shandong University, vice president of CFLAC (2016) and president of China Folk Literature and Arts Association (2016). 

Long committed to field survey and academic research of folk culture and intending to explore painting language out of folk elements, PAN Lusheng has made outstanding achievement in folk literary and art research, preservation and inheritance of folk culture and fine arts creation. In the field of folk literary and art research, he has over 30 publications such as On Folk Fine Arts of China, Craftsmanship Study of Chinese Folk Fine Arts and Survey of Folk Cultural Ecology, and won the 1st Prize of Excellent Projects Funded by National Social Science Foundation and Special Award for Excellent Outcome by Chinese National Academy of Arts. PAN Lusheng was once in charge of Craftsmanship Culture Preservation and Probe Project in the framework of the 9th Five-Year Plan of Humanity and Social Science by Ministry of Education, and Pingdu and Dongchang Volume of Chinese Folk Wooden Plate Year Painting Project entrusted by National Social Science Foundation. As to fine arts, PAN Lusheng was in charge of National and Folk Fine Arts Volume of Chinese Fine Arts Encyclopedia and has staged his personal tour exhibitions in Germany, Sweden and Korea.