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LI Qianguang

Mr. LI Qianguang was born with Mongolian ethnicity in Xuchang City of Henan Province in December 1960. He started his career in December 1976 with a postgraduate degree from the Party School of the Central Committee of CPC and the title of senior reporter. 

Currently Mr. LI Qianguang is vice president and Member of Executive Committee of CFLAC as well as a standing member of the National Committee of the 13th Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference of China. 

Dec. 1976Dec. 1984         

reporter in land force of PLA of China 

Dec. 1984Dec. 1992        

reporter of the PLA Pictorial Press 

Dec. 1992Sept. 1996       

reporter of the PLA Daily 

Sept. 1996May 2001        

Vice President and Editor-in-chief of China Photo Press 

May 2001August 2005     

President of China Photo Press and Secretary General of China Photographers Association (CPA) 

August 2005Nov. 2011     

Executive Vice President and Secretary General of CPA 

Nov. 2011Dec. 2012         

Member of the Presidium and Secretary of Secretariat of CFLAC and Vice President of CPA 

Dec. 2012January 2014    

Member of the Presidium and Member of Executive Committee of CFLAC 

January 2014 

Vice President and Member of Executive Committee